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Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills. Running for our lives. As fast as we can.
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Who was maddy I got confused at that part

Maddy was Grandma Martin’s lover :)

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I dunno if you noticed this or if I got this all wrong but when Lydia was trying to decipher the last list, someone said how all the others name had something to do with Lydia (I.e. Allison and aiden) but no one said anything about Derek being one of the keys (other than it might mean he's gonna die) so what does he mean to Lydia or am I just totally out of the ball park with this

I believe that his name breaking the third key means that Derek is supposed to die. I think that the keys are just people who have died that Lydia knew/are people that Lydia knows that are supposed to die. I think the relevance to Lydia doesn’t matter. While we’re on the topic, Lydia’s nickname broke the fourth cipher key does that also mean that she’s going to die too? It’s Teen Wolf so anything can happen I guess….

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Allydia AU
Lead by a rumor that a highly dangerous Banshee resides in Beacon Hills, Argents decide to take on her themselves, but once they figure out she’s a teenage girl, Allison Argent, the youngest hunter, is appointed a task to gain the Banshee’s trust and learn more about her weaknesses. But Allison herself doesn’t notice when the facade becomes real. Nightmares start to plague her sleep and she knows she will never be able to harm Lydia. Everything falls apart on the same day -  Lydia finds out about Allison’s family and Kate Argent leads an ambush on the Banshee. In an attempt to save her, Allison dies and the hunters retreat, horrified by the outcome of the attack.
Alone and broken, Lydia turns on a record player and listens to the last words of her lost love.
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3-4 weeks ago Sydney ( kateargen ) told me she is sending me the funniest thing ever. SHE WOULD NOT TELL ME WHAT IT WAS, just that I would love it. It finally came today and it’s a little bracelet that says “Awh Man”. I just….I have no words. *sigh*

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Dylan O’Brien at the ‘Maze runner Q&A at the apple store

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*snapchats and texts the same person at the same time*

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for froechled
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